Historical Information

5/22/2016 - St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church - PARISH SURVEY

What were the 5 main needs identified in the parish survey that can be addressed regarding physical environment?

The main priorities identified in the survey are the following:

  • Improved sound system so the content could be clearly heard.
  • (Addressed with new sound system).
  • An environment that enables us to provide religious education for adults and youth, ministry activities, social activities, coffee and donuts,  newcomer activities,  time to meet other parishioners, and opportunities to get to know about the ministries and participate in them.
  • Additional seating in the church to accommodate the growth in the area.
  • Additional parking to accommodate the growth of the parish.
  • The ability to effectively provide Outreach Services to our community.  Additional space for Our Mother’s Attic, Outreach and the Food Pantry.

Additional details related to the survey will be provided over the coming months.

In order to fulfill the needs of the parish, it is vital to create a physical environment where this can be accomplished. Listed below is information about the anticipated parish projects.

One of the questions asked in the survey is - What is the building fund?  The Building Fund donations are received in the second collection, black basket when we do not have a special collection. They are used to support the new church and furnishings, the expansion as well as the future building needs and renovations for our parish including but not limited to updating the infrastructure of the existing church and parking.   Many thanks to those who regularly support the St. Vincent de Paul Building Fund.

How specifically have the building fund monies been used during the current year?  As of July 1, 2015, we had $321,362 in our building fund checking account and in our building savings account. We received contributions of $339,927, and interest of $4,589. We incurred bank fees of $244 and made payments of $107,010. As of March 31, 2016 we have $558,624 that will be used for phase I construction. Additionally, monies from our savings account will be used to fund phase I construction costs.

The payments made were as follows:

New Sound System                                                       $ 54,194

Church (continued closeout of project)                             24,640

Development of Strategic Plan Document                       21,098

New Property Soil Samples                                               3,388

New Property Surveying Fees                                           2,600

New Property Legal Fees                                                  1,090

Grand total of payments to date                                  $107,010


5/15/2016 - St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church - PARISH UPDATE


Why was the footprint developed?  In order to purchase additional land, the Diocese requires that all parishes determine their long term needs, so proper placement of buildings can take place. Currently, very high level square footage requirements have been developed based on the anticipated needs. This was needed to determine approximate building size(s). The detailed architectural drawings will not occur for the parish hall and administrative building, outreach services, and Our Mother’s Attic resale shop until we are ready to proceed. This is an artistic rendition of the campus layout and is subject to change based on engineering, permitting and geological testing.

What are the current square feet of the existing buildings and the anticipated square feet of the new buildings?


Church                                                            24,000 square feet

Social Hall & Admin.                                       15,000 square feet

Outreach/Food Pantry (rental)                        1,500 square feet

Our Mother’s Attic (rental)                               3,200 square feet 

Anticipated        (Please note the numbers presented below are estimates.)

Church with Expansion                                  36,000   square feet

Maintenance                                                   2,400   square feet

Family Life Center (Social Hall & Admin)      26,000   square feet

Outreach/Food Pantry                                   4,600   square feet

Our Mother’s Attic                                          5,000   square feet 

What will happen with the current social hall/administrative area?  The current structure is deemed to be end of life. The new Family Life Center will be in the same location. When construction takes place of the new center, the church offices will operate in modulars until the desired new building is constructed. Parts of the existing building will be integrated into the new building to represent our spiritual roots and celebrate all of His works through us as His instruments. We will continue to build up the Body of Christ in this new structure, but more importantly, use our spiritual gifts and celebrate the gift of community.

How will the project(s) be funded?  Phase One is funded by the generosity of the parishioners in the past and the continued support in the near future. In order for subsequent phases to take place, fund raising and a loan will most likely be needed to expedite the project. In the meantime, monies donated to the building fund are for this purpose. Additionally, monies from general savings are also used. These are excess funds from church operations from the offertory.

When is phase One construction going to take place?

Over the next 12 – 18 months depending upon the engineering, permitting construction and the various approval processes.

When will subsequent phases occur?

The timing of the additional phases will be dependent upon several factors:

  1. Availability of Funds
  2. Permitting and Necessary Approvals (Local Governments and Diocesan)

We are hoping to start the capital campaign in 2017.   Our desire is to start construction on Phase II in 2018/2019. This will be dependent upon the operations at that time, the success of the capital campaign and necessary approvals. The sooner the funds are raised, the sooner the proposed project(s) can start.

What are the projected costs of each of the phases?

We do not know the exact costs of the projects until all of the details are gathered. The initial broad based estimates for each of the projects are:

Land, Rectory, Maintenance & Parking                                  $3.0 million

Family Life Center & Parking                                                  $6.0                                                   

Church Expansion                                                                  $1.1

Outreach / Food Pantry / Our Mother’s Attic & Parking          $2.4

Total                                                                                        $12.5 million                                                                                 

Can several phases be combined?  They could take place, but this will be dependent upon availability of funds and approvals. At this time, we are anticipating grouping the Church Expansion with the Family Life Center.

How will bringing Our Mother’s Attic and Outreach Services on-site impact the services?  We will be adding additional space for all of the outreach services, and the current space limits our capacity to serve those in need. We view this as a positive change, as currently many of our own parishioners and surrounding communities do not realize that our outreach services and re-sale shop are part of our parish. A majority of the clients that utilize our services come by car, so changing the location should not impact the services we provide. Additionally, it will lend to better coordination with our parish.


5/8/2016 - St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church - PARISH UPDATE


Due to the unprecedented growth of our Parish over the past several years, Father Peter, your Pastor, and the Finance Committee determined the need for a long-term strategic plan to manage and accommodate this growth. Subsequent to the construction of our new church in August 2013 - which was completed without incurring any debt - it was obvious that further expansion was going to be needed to serve the needs of our parishioners. Our registered parish families has grown from 1,575 in 2010 to 2,986 in 2015. Average weekly attendance has grown from 2,376 in 2010 to 3,948 in 2015.

Our recent parish survey results have confirmed the issues of importance to those attending SVDP. Our strategic plan included a spiritual vision of evangelization, liturgy and worship, responding to the community needs and responding to our parishioners' needs. The strategic plan presented to the Diocese of Orlando in October 2015 included the request to purchase additional land contiguous to our existing property to begin our expansion. The initial phase of the plan (Phase One) began with the purchase in December 2015 of 16.44 acres of land south of the existing church property.

The remaining parts of Phase One are the:

• Addition of 280 paved parking spaces

• Construction of an on-site rectory

• Construction of a maintenance building with storage

We are currently in the process of requesting formal approval from the Diocese to proceed with the remaining parts of Phase One, which will be paid for with savings and the second collection building fund dollars.

Future phases of the strategic plan are expected to include:

• Family Life Center (social hall, classrooms, meeting rooms, and administrative offices) and 287 additional paved parking spaces

• Church Expansion for additional 540 seats

• Facilities for resale shop, outreach services including the food pantry ministry and 195 paved parking spaces

Over the next few weeks additional information will be shared to address questions you may have about the project including information about the footprint, estimated square footage, broad estimated project costs, and feedback from the parish survey concerning identified environmental needs. We ask for your patience with all upcoming communication releases. Once all of the information has been shared, if we have not addressed your question, please write your question down, and deposit in the comments box located in the Narthex. We appreciate and welcome your questions and feedback.