Social and Service Ministries


Council of Catholic Women (CCW)

These women love Our Lord and His Church, which they demonstrate by praying, working and having fun together! Their charism is to support the pastor through prayer and action, hosting parish-wide social events, and networking with the National CCW.  By putting their Catholic faith into action, they are able to make significant contributions to the work of the Church through involvement in the social, economic and environmental issues of today’s world.

  Purpose:  Support the parish through prayer and action.

  • Responsibilities:  Host parish events; respond to social, economic and environmental issues; network with the national CCW.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Commitment to parish service.
  • Time Commitment:  Attend meetings; support various initiatives.
  • Training Required:  None
  • Fingerprinting Required: Officers


Knights of Columbus

Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in 1883, the Knights of Columbus are a group of Catholic men bound together by principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.  Our motto is, "In service to One.  In service to all.” 

  Purpose:  Organization of Catholic men that provides service to the parish and community in various ways.

  • Responsibilities:  Assisting with parish projects; and making donations to local organizations in need of financial support.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Commitment to principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.
  • Time Commitment:  Attend meetings; participate in various initiatives.
  • Training Required:  None
  • Fingerprinting Required: See Ministry Leaders   

See  Knights of Columbus Website for a calendar of events. 


Senior Singles Club 

The purpose of this group is to bring Catholic singles together through social events in order to build friendships and promote spiritual growth.  Those who have never married, are separated, widowed or divorced, come together in a community of faith, hope and love.  The goal is to promote Christian service, recognize the role of singles in the Church, and foster social interaction among participating single adults in this area’s Catholic community.

  Purpose:   Build friendships and social relationships; promote spiritual growth and Christian service; recognize the role of singles (widowed, separated, divorced, and unmarried) in the Church.

  • Responsibilities:  Attend meetings; participate in group-sponsored events.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Openness to new friendships, social interaction, and service.
  • Time Commitment:   Attend meetings and support group initiatives.
  • Training Required:  None
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Officers

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