Altar Server 

The Altar Server have a critical role in support of the priest and deacon at Mass and at other liturgical celebrations.  In our parish, altar servers include parishioners of all ages, both young people and adults.  The parish provides training for all those who are called to serve God and His People in this important liturgical function.

Purpose:  To minister at God’s altar with reverence, dignity and love.

  • Responsibilities:  Assist the Presider at Mass; help direct less experienced servers.
  • Helpful Attributes: Punctuality and attention to details.
  • Time Commitment:  Must arrive 30 minutes before Mass and serve the duration of the Mass.
  • Meetings:  Periodically, as announced.
  • Training:  Provided by Ministry
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes



Music stirs the soul in such a deeply personal way that it becomes an essential element of good Liturgical worship. Here at St. Vincent de Paul we have some of the best musicians and cantors you will find anywhere, and their different musical styles reach out and touch the heart and enliven the spirit. The combined musical styles of the choral groups and musicians encourage the congregation to sing and pray the Mass together.  Making “joyful noises unto the Lord” is truly the vocation of the Music Ministry.

Purpose:  To enhance liturgies with sacred music.

  • Responsibilities:  Attend weekly scheduled choir practices, liturgies, and special occasions.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Singing voice; enjoy singing.
  • Time Commitment:  Weekly choir practices plus additional practices leading up to major holy days and church celebrations.
  • Meetings: As needed
  • Training Required:  None
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

When the needs of the Church require, and when sufficient ordinary Ministers (priests and deacons) of Holy Communion are not available, lay people designated by the Bishop may distribute Holy Communion at Mass and in other appropriate situations. Formal training, conducted by the Diocese, is required prior to serving in this ministry.  

Purpose:  Assist in distribution of Holy Communion during liturgies. 

  • Responsibilities:  Fulfill daily or monthly assignments.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Strong commitment to Christ and the Church as evidenced by a life lived in conformity with all that the Church teaches.
  • Time Commitment:  Varies
  • Training Required:  Diocesan training required
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes



Lay readers serve the Church by volunteering to proclaim the Word of God at all the liturgies. The Catholic Church confidently teaches that Christ himself is truly present in the Word proclaimed and that He speaks to His people through the reading of Scripture.  When we hear Our Lord’s word and receive it in our hearts, we may be drawn into dialogue with Him. Nourished by His sacred word, we learn to live the mystery of redemption and salvation by becoming Christ’s living witnesses before the world. 

Purpose:  Bring the power of the word of God and love of scriptures to the congregation.

  • Responsibilities:  Read, practice and prepare for your oral reading(s).  Be able to correctly pronounce difficult words.  Read in a deliberate, slow and clear voice so that the words on the page come alive for those listening.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Enjoy public speaking; have a pleasant voice that projects well.
  • Time Commitment:  Must arrive 30 minutes prior to Mass, plus preparation time.
  • Training Required:  Provided by Diocese and Ministry
  • Meetings:  Periodically, as announced
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes



Sacristans are those behind-the-scenes persons who make many of the needed preparations for our various liturgical celebrations.They prepare the sacred vessels and the bread and wine used at Mass and ensure everything necessary for each liturgy is in place. Through their efforts our liturgies are celebrated as intended. 

       Purpose:  To help serve the liturgical needs of the parish during Mass and other services.

  • Responsibilities:  Prepare altar for Mass, including sacramental articles, communion vessels, candles, lighting, sound and temperature controls. Assist at baptisms, weddings and funerals as needed. Coordinate people and necessary supplies.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Understanding of the liturgy of the Eucharist is essential; desire to learn about sacred articles and their use, care and storage. Must be a responsible self-starter.
  • Time Commitment:  Serve approximately one-half hour before and after Mass.
  • Training Required:  Training through by shadowing
  • Fingerprinting Required: Yes



A friendly hello at the Church door is the first contact you will have with some of our Parishioners.  Dedication to serve at the Masses on a weekly basis is a commitment you will have to provide friendship, order, courtesy and reverence, both for the celebration of the Mass and for the congregants.

      Purpose:  To help serve the liturgical needs of the parish during Mass and other services. 

  • Responsibilities:  Assist and greet Parishioners, offertory collection, hand out bulletins, and assist Parishioners as needed.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Customer service - internally and externally. Enjoy public speaking.
  • Time Commitment:  Serve approximately 30-40 minutes before and 10-15 minutes after Mass.
  • Training Required:  Provided by Ministry.
  • Fingerprinting Required: Yes 

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