Staff and Clergy

Staff Title Phone Number Email Address
Cindi Van Nostrand Director of Operations   352-330-0220
Lee Valente   Accountant  352-330-0220  
Kelli Hezlep  Office Manager   352-330-0220
Tracy Hawkins Bulletin Editor 352-330-0220
Carmen Kreeger   Operations Assistant 352-330-0220
Joyce Prendergast   Administration Assistant 352-330-0220
Linda Tedesco   Liturgical Assistant 352-330-0220
Beverly Turczyn Ministry Assistant 352-330-0220
Krysten Bracaglia Communications Assistant 352-330-0220
Todd Besecker   Maintenance Supervisor   352-330-0220  
Frank Webber  Faith Formation Director   352-643-7017
Linda Dykas   Faith Formation Associate Director   352-643-7018
Sheryl Sherry   Faith Formation Clerical Assistant   352-643-7017
Deacon Dana McCarthy   Director of Liturgy Comm   352-750-9875
Dawn DiNome   Music/Choir Director
Sheila Duffy   Outreach   352-689-0129   
Thom Horning   Food Pantry   352-748-0778  
Michael Leahy   Our Mother's Attic   352-689-0128
Clergy Title Phone Number Email Address
Fr. Pedro (Peter) Puntal Pastor 352-330-0220
Fr. John McCracken Parochial Vicar 352-633-2148
Dana McCarthy Deacon 352-750-9875 
Dan Miller Deacon 352-753-1996  
Daniel Pallo Deacon 352-391-9338  
Walter Price Deacon 352-633-9693  
Greg Senholzi Deacon 352-350-6345  
Richard Stevens Deacon 612-270-3373  
Bryron Otradovec Senior Deacon 352-330-0775