Parish Support


Finance Committee

The Finance committee helps review the annual budget, and financial statements and makes recommendations to the Priest on the financial matters of the Parish.


  • Responsibilities: 
  • Helpful Attributes:  Accounting/CPA/Budgeting.
  • Time Commitment: 
  • Training Required: 
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes
Library Helpers

The library is in a room off the Social Hall.  Library Helpers maintain this collection and shelve returned items.  One third of the collection is devoted to Bible Study and Religious Formation.  Biographies, books by Max Lucado, and books about Mother Theresa and the Popes are especially popular.  

       Purpose: Assist in maintaining a collection of books.

  • Responsibilities:  Shelve books and maintain order and cleanliness in library, prepare new books for shelving; maintain sign-out sheet and card box; follow-up with parishioners to ensure return of books borrowed.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Clerical, processing and organizational skills.
  • Time Commitment:  Scheduled hours
  • Training Required:  On the job
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes
Money Counters

The task of counting the monetary gifts made at all weekend Masses belongs to the Money Counters and Verifiers.  These gifts also need to be sorted, kept secure, deposited, and confidentially accounted for.  The job takes attentive care because the collection baskets not only contain cash and the weekly envelopes but also parishioners’ gifts for special needs and requests.  Counter and verifier volunteers share their talents of careful attention to accuracy, and many also have prior banking and calculator skills.

Purpose: Count and verify the monetary gifts and cash made at masses.

  • Responsibilities:  Sort envelopes; deposit monies; ensure security of all funds.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Clerical skills; attention to detail; accuracy; banking and calculator skills.
  • Time Commitment:  Weekly work sessions held on Mondays
  • Training Required:  Provided by the Parish and the Ministry
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes


New Parishioner Welcoming 

The undertaking for this committee is to be the first personal contact for new registered parishioners with St. Vincent de Paul.  After receiving the new parishioner listing from the office each month, names are appropriated to callers on the committee.  Callers will telephone the parishioners welcoming them to our parish, share information on upcoming events in the parish, answer any questions the new parishioner may have and ascertain whether the new parishioners home would like to be blessed.  If a house blessing is desired, a deacon will be assigned to that person’s request. 

Purpose:  Welcome new parishioners to the parish.

  • Responsibilities:  Call all new registered parishioners.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Excellent communication skills.  Desire to help others.
  • Time Commitment: 3 to 4 hours per month
  • Training Required: On the job
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes 


Office Volunteers

The spirit of generosity is very evident among those who volunteer to serve as Office Volunteers.  Men and women offer their time and a variety of administrative and clerical skills to help with some of the administrative work of the parish.  Some volunteers work weekly while others serve on an as needed basis.  No matter how volunteers lend a hand, staff members are very appreciative of these generous helpers.

Purpose:  Assist with the administrative and clerical work of the parish.

  • Responsibilities:  As directed, answer phones, enter data, book mass intentions, sort items, type, prepare mailings, and filing.
  • Helpful Attributes:  Clerical skills, computer skills, attention to detail, confidentiality, and reliability.
  • Time Commitment:  Weekly or as needed (according to the schedule the volunteer establishes).
  • Training Required:  Provided by the Staff
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes


Tech Group

 These individuals help the parish with the bulletin, the website, and the audio and video roles within the parish.  


  • Responsibilities: 
  • Helpful Attributes:  Computer, Microsoft programs, Audio Visual Technician.
  • Time Commitment:  Weekend Mass - 15 before Mass, throughout the Mass and 10 minutes after.
  • Training Required:  On the job
  • Fingerprinting Required:  Yes

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