Click here to view photos of the construction (taken September 5).

Click here to see an updated timeline of our building project.

The drainage pipes are almost completely laid under the new parking area to the right of the driveway.  Drainage work will begin next week directly in front of the Church as well as in the grassy parking area to the left of the drive.  City water and sewer will be hooked up shortly.  Our main loss will be the trees just to the left of the building outside the sacristy and most of the bushes around the outside cross, but we will be getting all new plantings.

We sit here feeling the building shake and hearing the enormous pieces of earth-moving equipment grinding away out in the new parking area knowing that in a few short weeks the ground will be broken for our new church.  

We have begun!!!!!!

At 6:30 AM on Monday, April 15th, equipment began to arrive at the site of the parking area for the new St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.  The parking area will be completed before the construction of the new church will begin.  This will include all of the drainage, so a large retention pond will be situated on the far right hand side of the rear of the property.  

During this time parking will be limited to the existing parking pad as well as the grassy area on the left side of the drive coming in.  Please be mindful of forming rows of cars on the grass so that no one is blocked in.    

Be sure to check the pictures as we progress through the construction project.  

Click here for a map of our property and parking plans for phase I.

1)  We have received the site permit and will be commencing work shortly.  Click here for a detailed update.

1)  Our new church is to be constructed under the concept of Design/Build, meaning the builder is responsible for the building design, permitting and construction. St. Vincent de Paul is the first in the Orlando Diocese to engage in this form of construction. 
2)  The new target start date is the end of March 2013 with completion by Easter 2014.

1)  The construction contract between SAPP Builders and the Diocese of Orlando has not yet been finalized.  Estimated time to finalize construction contract is by the end of September 2012.
2)  The Department of Transportation is the reason for the contract finalization hold-up. (State/County has not finalized the Rt. 462 Road widening project plans.)
3)   SAPP Builders has been authorized by the Diocese to proceed with the final St. Vincent de Paul Project construction plans.
4)   Estimated time frame to begin site construction activity – End of January 2013

Future Proposed Activities - Parking
 As Phase 1 of the church project begins, all parking will be in our existing  parking lot with the back and the sides fenced off while the new parking area is constructed. (Time frame approximately two months)

As Phase 2 of our construction begins, all parking will be routed to the newly constructed parking lot on the north side of the existing church building until the project is completed.

The contractor to build our new church has been selected. Click here to view pictures which include the initial phase as well as the possible expansion.

Three design-build contractors submitted bids for our new church, and the diocesan staff are currently evaluating each bid.

The latest news regarding our New Church is that the 5 design-build contractors met with the Building Committee and diocesan staff to review the site and ask questions about the project.  They will submit their bids by the end of May.

The Diocesan-selected architectural firm has completed assembling a design / build package which has been distributed to five design / build contractors.  The design / build contractors will prepare their bid package, which is to be completed by mid-May.

Ground markings are in progress to support foundations, utilities placement, and all site preparations.

Those making pledges in Alive in Chirst, please continue and complete them as you are able.

The Diocese selected an architectural firm who has been working with the Building Committee to assemble a design / build package to be completed and submitted to three to five design / build contractors by mid-February 2012.  A civil engineering group has been contracted by the architect to evaluate other sites around the existing church to determine a location that will best support our new church building foundation.  

Click here to see the meeting minutes and powerpoint presentation about our building project & fundraising given at the Town Hall/Parish Council Meeting on 1/24/12.

The Diocese has approved a 1,000 seat church.  We are in the process of working with the design criteria professionals to develop a design-build project.  It will be 60 days for the design criteria package to be completed and another 60 days for preparation of designs and bids.  We are on schedule.  We are having another meeting with the architects before the end of the year.  We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of our new church. 

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Alive in Christ Campaign

As of End of April

Total Building Funds Available: $4,597,471
Costs To Date:  $   690,531

Updated: 10/30/2015
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Your Prayers Are Needed. Please continue to pray a daily Our Father and Hail Mary for the success of the St. Vincent de Paul Parish Capital Campaign. Thanks to all our parishioners for your generosity and your prayers.

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